Sunday, March 29, 2009


hm, these are not coming out exactly how I planned but I'm working with cut-outs like this for my ads.
the quality of these houses is pretty bad so i plan on rescanning and editing at school tomorrow
more than better scans, what I really need is feedback. the biggest question is...does layering the cut-outs like this show depth?
if not, i'm open to suggestions :)

+++++++++ my 5x5 idea: i'm pretending that these ads will be printed in magazines just before christmastime- vanessa's busy season. (these houses will look more festive for the real ad)
possible tagline: Mmmm...erry Christmas!


  1. It definitely looks like depth to me and it's a nice change to see more than 2-dimensional drawings coming into play. (not that i mind those either!)

    the one thing that is bothering me (with this rendition, anyway) is the fact that the image in the back is the same image in the front, just flipped. if you're sticking with this drawing, an easy fix to that would just be to flip some of the chimneys to the other side of the roof or take out a window from one of them or something.

    other than that, i think the idea is cute and very fitting to your client thus far. :)

  2. This is too cute Sarah. I like where your going with this.