Monday, February 2, 2009


i feel like i'm in a good place now. I thought I liked the square-ish logo from my last post but i've changed my mind again-
i've been sketching every free moment i had this weekend and came upon my logo (which i hope is THE logo) absolutely by accident. I have been looking for an idea or concept that would set Vanessa's apart from your everyday bakery. I wanted to stray as far away from the expected as possible. This design process has been pushing me to think like a designer- I used to want to stick with the very first idea that I liked.
to be honest, i'm a little bit nervous because my logo came about so late in the game- feedback would be really appreciated.
here it is(I did not scan in all my sketches, just the major steps I took to come up with the final)...

see you all in class-