Sunday, February 22, 2009

time out

This weekend, I purposely tried not to think about my stationery too much and it helped. Spending some time away from my designs helped me to de-clutter my overworked pieces some.
here's just the envelope. it's in the beginning stages again and simple as can be. I'm planning to treat the back of the envelope differently than the front because I do want it to be interesting and clean at the same time.

I spent a couple hours at Borders today browsing through books on letterheads and logos and such.
A few things stood out to me that i'd like to share:

if i was able to find a better picture, you'd be able to see all the little details that make these pieces so interesting.
stationery/business card


aw...I took note of many more but am guessing each case study and/or piece isn't available on the web.
hope everyone's stationery sets are coming together-

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