Sunday, February 1, 2009


don't worry, bubby's isn't my client for this class
howevver, they really really are wanting to rebrand themselves and asked me to help them out.

hm, at this point in the process...
I love this font but am concerned about its readability. what do you think?
The reason behind the logo's tree is... Bubby's describes their accessories as trendy-
and since trends change each season, i found a tree to be the most appropriate image.
I tried to bring in the boutique aspect by hanging a necklace around the tree's branches.
now that i look at it, it's not as visible as I thought so that'll change :)


  1. the necklace is beautiful.

    Hope for bubby 09' vote sarah kim

  2. the top one is very pretty and clean! I love how you did the leaves!