Monday, February 16, 2009

stationery no.1


I love the idea of incorporating my old sketches and doodles in my stationery.
I am now in the process of doing so but i must say, it's been a challenge to illustrate and render them in the same 'style' as my logo's image. if only i had drawn out everything in one sitting..':x

as always, feedback, criticisms, advice are all welcome.


  1. It's coming along Sarah. The one thing I would definitely point out is to make sure you include the information of Vanessa's. Like the address, phone number, etc. That is a definite necessity for a stationery. :) Other than that, I don't have any more suggestions right now.

    But I am sure the more you play around and showcase, the more feedback you'll get. :)

  2. This is really good sarah. I like that you used your own sketches for the design. It has this different feel to it. I like how everything is coming together in this. The bold designs are being balanced out by the watermark that you have in the background.