Monday, January 12, 2009

Bubby's Boutique

Bubby's Boutique
"Distinguished and affordable women's accessories: jewelry, Pashminas, bags, casual wear, hair accessories, [& other] giftables."
Coming across Bubby's Boutique was actually a complete accident.
I must have driven around for about two hours before pulling into this shopping center.
I guess the saying's true- the best is saved for last.
The boutique has no official logo as of yet and fonts vary from store sign to business card to price tags.
I was really fortunate to meet a very open-minded store owner who got really excited upon hearing about this semester-long rebranding project.

Here are some pictures i took in the shop:

Here are some computer renderings of my sketches:

This "client-search/research experience" had a bit of a rocky start but the pieces are starting to come together.
good luck everyone, can't wait to hear how it's been going for you all. :)

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  1. i know stan said that this store would be a bad idea because of the name, i think you could use that to your advantage and make it kind of like..a challenge. like how can you turn a really bad sounding name into something cute. i think your initial logo ideas already bring out the cuteness that the store probably has, and i already kind of forget that the name sounds funny. i say keep going! especially since it's clear that you are excited about it :)