Tuesday, January 27, 2009

its starting to come together!

I talked to my client over the weekend, showed her my designs (^) and gathered more info about what she does and how it all came to be:
-Her Holiday Sweets business started in 1999. To make some extra money over the holiday season, she baked cakes and pies for coworkers and friends. Before she knew it, they were asking her for recipes and word about her desserts. :)
-She is busiest from around Thanksgiving to New Years.
-Her business card is mainly Red, White, and Green.
-As far as competition goes, she says there are not many bakeries around where she lives. And so, i have been googling bakery logos online to see what is already out there- what works and what doesn't.
-She likes the last logo on the left (the sign) best. Only we decided a cake would represent her business better than the pie.

I am going to try drawing the logo and scanning it in. Color-wise, I think i will stick to just red and white and replace green for brown.


  1. Really inspired by your experimenting in every aspect for this logo. Not just with the type, but with the illustration as well. :)

    The logo with the sign hanging from the pole, you can definitely play around with now and throughout the semester (I see animated ad potential :D ).

    I believe keeping the rolling pin curvy will work out fine, whether you decide to make it 3Dish or not. The sharp edged design looks more static to me.

    Just keep going Sarah. I'm really excited about your ideas.

  2. I love the second left.. and honestly it didnt make me think of krispy cream. i think the idea of using the rolling pin is great! plus you have some really really great illustrations that you can work with later in the game! nice :)