Saturday, January 10, 2009


welcome to sarah kim design. i've put up examples of some of my old and recent works- feel free to click around. feedback is welcome and appreciated :]

Personal Logo:

Eco-friendly Package Re-Design for Speedo's Blow-up Arm Bands:
I decided to repackage arm floaties. Although they do not require a case or fancy package, because they are made to ensure children's safety at the pool, I felt that my new package would need to leave a big impression on consumers. The idea behind this eco-friendly (paper) package redesign was to appeal to both children and, of course, parents at the point of purchase without looking cheap among a shelf full of plastic packages. Speedo is a trusted brand for all types of swimming aids/products. Therefore, designing a package that said "trustworthiness" was my goal.

The Sound of Music Poster:
The story begins with Maria singing in the hills and ends with the Von Trapp family singers climbing mountains.
I did not want to emphasize the turbulent time during which the play/movie was set, but instead focus on the role of music- how Maria strumming on a guitar brought a family together. Originally, the guitar's top half was made of the mountains and the bottom half the hills, but i decided to keep it simple in the end with each element separate:


The Scarlet Letter Book Cover Design:
The Scarlet Letter is set in Puritan America. Hawthorne's commentary within the novel suggests to some degree that Puritan society was less holy and more hypocritical than anyone cared to admit. Condemnation and shame set the mood of this novel and book cover. All red objects represent Hester Prynne, a seamstress forced to wear a scarlet A. The Puritan people and church encircle "her" and cast judgment.
On the back cover, black and white colors are reversed to convey Hawthorne's point of view- The Puritan people believe they are living righteous lives and simply live in a dark world... and yet they still encircle "Hester" and judge her.

(Fall Semester 2008)

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  1. These designs look very nice Sarah. The book cover especially. I like the color scheme and the arrangement. I think the only critique, or suggestion, I would make is the character silhouettes on the back cover. I don't really think they are needed, seeing they are the same designs from the front cover. Other than that, I do like the thread going from the back to the front, and hanging around the "A".

    I am interested to hear your commentary and concept for your logo. :)