Tuesday, January 13, 2009

the search is finally over.

Since tuesday's class, I have been looking around for a client that would be easier to stick with all semester.
While I am excited about Bubby's Boutique, the imagery that comes to mind is nothing more than predictable at the moment. I think i'll explore it on the side and work with Vanessa's Holiday Sweets (a new choice of mine) for the project instead. The name in itself is already not the typical So&So's Bakery and gives me a little more to work with. :)

What makes Vanessa's Holiday Sweets so different from its competitors is that Vanessa works straight from her home--making her cakes as homemade as they come. :D She makes the most amazing cakes and pies but the boxes in which they come in- along with the quality of her current logo and menus- do not do her justice. I have already been able to come up with some good ideas for specialty pieces so far...

So I'm thinking this one's the one. the search is finally over :)

++++side note: just wanted to share of my favorites of Jason Mraz++

Check this out: http://www.bspcn.com/2009/01/03/20-weird-logos-that-work-and-why-they-do/

& Have a great long weekend!
Possible logo:

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